Taste of Three Cities


This past weekend I enjoyed waking through rows and rows of food trucks during the Taste of Three Cities here in Baltimore, Maryland.  
These colorful trucks represented Baltimore, DC, and Philly.

Right outside of the M&T Bank Stadium on a beautiful day we walked through crowds and ate some great food.

We walked in and decided to check everything out.  So we took a loop through all the trucks to get together our game plan.

Here are a couple places we stopped.

1. South Carolina Bar-B-Que from Maryland

This truck from Essex, MD won last year for the best BBQ, so we had to wait in line to taste something.  

Yum!  Pulled Pork anyone?  This sandwich was delicious.  I could go for more right now.  It had just the right amount of spice and flavor.  For our first stop, it was a great one! 

We then stopped for a little snack from 

2. The Cow and The Curd from Philly

It is NOT a mozzarella stick.

Fried cheese curds, how can you not have a taste?  They are served with a choice of dipping sides, included chipotle ranch.

3. Rito Loco from DC

This Rib Rito was so good.  Made from pulled baby back ribs and had such great flavor.

4. La Cakerie from Maryland

We had to end with some dessert and what better way then from a cupcake from one of my favorite spots.  (Bonus: Cupcake Wars winner, Jason, hopped in the window to serve some customers)

Such a great end to great food, Funfetti cupcake?  Yes, please!

It was a great day for great food.  We all had a great time and enjoyed everything that we tasted.  I would advise going with a group because it was fun to split food in order to try more food trucks.

I am glad we tried trucks from all places, Maryland, DC, and Philly.

Have you eaten from a great food truck?


  1. Replies
    1. It was delicious and the sauce they had to put on the sandwich had such great taste.

  2. I wish we had more food trucks in my area (although my waistline is probably thanking me that we don't, haha!). Your pictures always make me want to visit Baltimore!