Happy Thanksgiving Eve


Thanksgiving eve is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.  It is a night to go out and see all your friends that live out of town.  It is so exciting to see who is home!  During our years in college, Thanksgiving eve was big, I mean BIG.  We would all be home for the holiday and we would all go out the night before Thanksgiving.  Now the best part of this night is that you never know who you are going to see.  It is so exciting!  It is like high school reunion/parties all together in one.

So this year I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Eve. 
Have Fun!


Where did you go to school?

Where did you go to school?  In Maryland it is not where you went to college that we are asking about, it is where you went to high school that matters.  Here in Maryland we care to know about where you went to high school in order to find common people that we will know and to get to know you.  Certain high schools have reputations that reflect them and people will compare people according to their high school.
Now I am not really sure why this is, I think it is to really compare you to others (sad I know).  It has always been that way and people not from here don't understand why we care about high school so much.  I hate to say it, but going to certain high schools means different things.  You can tell a lot about a person from where they went to school.

The basic choices in MD are private, catholic, and public.  Now we are all friends with each other and have grown up together.  Baltimore is a small place.  We have friends that are in private, catholic, and public and we all hang out together, but people still ask where did you go to school.  People tend to believe that certain schools hold better reputations, which in some ways is true. 
Now just the other weekend I was out with some friends (we all didn't go to the same high school) and someone came up to me and we were talking for a little.  Soon we got to the normal Maryland conversation.  "Where did you go to school?" they asked.  I replied and from then on the conversation changed.  They didn't care for my high school.  I decided to ask where they went and after finding out the answer I then understood.  The conversation was not the same from that point on.
Now why do we do this?  Why are we putting people in categories due to their high school?  That I don't know.  Like I said, I have friends from all schools and we all get a long just fine.  But for some reason, every once and a while you will meet people who either love you for where to when to school or really dislike you for where you graduated from. 
 Oh Baltimore, you are confusing sometimes. 


My Shows


I have had favorite television shows since my Wednesday nights were booked with Dawson's Creek.  People knew not to call me until the show was over.  I remember when the last episode aired and when it was over, I didn't believe it.  Something that I would go out of my way and watch every week ending.  What was I supposed to do on Wednesday nights?  It was the end, but I lived.
Now, as I grow older I have new shows I love to sit down to watch and with things like On Demand and recording we can watch when we want.

The following are the shows I am currently watching this season.
1.  My new favorite show is American Horror Story.  I started this show late in the first season.  I will be honest I was kind of scared to watch alone.  (Weird for me because I love scary movies and shows, but alone? I don't know)

 I truly fell in love with this show.  Last season was crazy and this season just leaves me with more and more questions.  I watch every Wednesday on time!  I put on my comfy clothes and get ready to watch at 10 P.M. every Wednesday.  I am addicted and having to wait 2 weeks until the next episode is a little upsetting.  So many questions that are left unanswered, they leave me hanging on every week.
2.  2 Broke Girls is another show I tune into on Monday Nights.  I started watching this show because a good friend of mine and I would love to own a cupcake shop.  I stuck to watching it because it has some good laughs and that's just what I need on a Monday night.
3.  How I Met Your Mother is a long time on and off show for me.  I have watched reruns and new episodes and still enjoy it.  I think this show is a good mindless show to watch.  Plus it is another Monday night laugh.  
4. Housewives of Beverly Hills is a must for me.  I have really enjoyed most of the Housewives, but this is a show I will usually catch up on when I have time.  Plus, Bravo replays them and they are On Demand.  I just live for the drama these girls start.
So with the weather getting colder I believe it is nice to settle in for the night, get comfy, and watch a good show.
What are some of your favorite past or present?


Christmas Shopping


With Christmas right around the corner I feel the pressure of getting ready for the holidays.  I have already started my Christmas list (more to come on that) and I have already started my Christmas shopping.  So far I have something for my mom, mother-in-law, and a good friend of mine.  I think that is a pretty good start.  
All the Christmas items in every store have distracted me.  Target is the worst for me.  I mean Target is hard enough for me to walk through without buying something I don't really need, but now with the Christmas stuff, forget it.  Just the other day I was buying wrapping paper, tags, lights, and a fox with a hat and a scarf!  What is going on?  I have to get through Thanksgiving first!
But how cute are these things?

 Can't wait to put this little fox out for the holidays!

These Can-O-Tags are great during this busy time of year.  I get them every year because they are so practical.  

Saved the best for last.  I am in love with these lantern lights.  They are so cute!

I had to have these and I can't wait to put them up.  I guess you could say I am in the holiday mood.

All of these items where picked up at Target.  Holiday decorations are so fun to look at and in my case purchase. 

Do you have some favorite holiday items?  Are you excited for the holidays?


Elf the Musical


I can't believe it! Elf is coming to Baltimore!  I was listening to the radio and heard something about elf and with the holiday spirit right around the corner I had to check out what they were talking about.  Elf the Musical is coming to the Lyric Opera House right here in downtown Baltimore.  
Show times are as follows:  
November 22, 2013- 7:30 PM
November 23, 2013- 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM
November 24, 2013- 1:00 PM & 6:30 PM

If you are interested in seeing this show here is the website with the information. Lyric

I will try and go see Elf the Musical, but this weekend is so busy for me.  I will have to see what I can do.  I think it would be so much fun!


Ginger Jars


If you know me, you know that I love containers, boxes, and jars, really anything that is storage. I have posted about canisters before, but I figured I would share another item I love, Ginger Jars. 
These cute jars are perfect for any room.  With their classic colors, my favorite being the blue and white, you can enjoy them anywhere in the house.  
These jars were originally made to do what they are called.  People used them to hold spices and salts.  Now we use them as decoration for the home.  These jars can also be turned into lamps.  
My favorite one I own is my Maryland jar.  

My mom gave this jar to me and I just love the sophisticated look it has when paired with my green couch in my living room.  How can you go wrong with blue, white, and green?


New York, New York


On my Fall To Do list post I said I wanted to go to New York and I also wrote about how my trip was planned, but I never told you just how much fun we had.  
My mom and a good friend of hers planned out the trip.  This trip was just for shopping.  You know, the important things.

We got there around 10:30 am and started our day.  Our first stop was at a shoe store.  Not just any shoe store, we started at the Belgian Shoes store.  Perfection in a shoe!  These shoes are so cute and classic; it had to be the first stop on our list.
A good friend who lives in New York met us at the shoe store.  It was so great to see her.  
Our next stop was to another shoe store; my mom had shoes on the brain.  You can never go wrong with shoes.  Of course we had success there too!  And another good friend of mine met us there.  It was so nice to see her.  She found out she just passed the New York bar so it was fun to congratulate her in person. 

I had to check out Tory Burch.  Needless to say, I found some shoes there too.  Gosh, we have a shoe problem.
Well I guess shoes are not the only problem.  I had to check out some bags while we were there too.

I would love one in every color.  I couldn't help but stop by and see all of the colors in person.
We had such a great time.  The day flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go home.  We had to say good bye to my friends and head back home.  New York is hard, one day is not enough, but a long weekend is sometimes too long.  I love New York, but I don't think I could ever live there.  I think for now I will just keep visiting.  
I can't wait until next time!


Currently Like


Happy 11/12/13 everyone.  This week is a little crazy and jammed packed full of events.  I can't believe how fast time goes.  But I wanted to post and not go missing for a whole week.  So I figured I would share some of the things I currently like, you know planning out the Christmas list. 

Love J.McLaughlin and the scarves there are just the best.  It is so hard to pick just one because the colors and patterns are great.

This sweater from Madewell is the definition of cozy.  The fit and weight of it is just perfect.  Madewell is always a stop of mine at the mall.

Lined envelopes make me happy.  I could use some new stationary.  There are so many cute ones out there.  I need to buckle down and pick some new ones.  I love writing notes!

Toms...well I am on the fence about these shoes.  I really like the way they look.  I have been keeping an eye out for something like these.  What are your thoughts?

But I know these are good to go.  Tory Burch just gets me.  Yes to bows!

So there you have it.  These are some items I have my eyes on and I may be adding things like them to the Christmas list.  I will fill you in on the list.  It is a work in progress.  Bonus, my brother will be posting items from his list too!  



Mama's on the Half Shell

A couple weeks ago a good friend of mine and I went to lunch at Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton.  I have been there before, but it had been awhile.  I have to say we had the best lunch there that day.

We walked over to watch the football game because it was such a nice day and we decided to head there for a nice lunch while being able to watch the game without getting too caught up in the crazy bar scene.  It was perfect.
So what did we eat!   We studied the menu and took our time because everything looked so good.

Well of course we both got the same thing.  We aren't that great to go out with because we always get the same thing.  I think we should start getting different things so we can try different options and share our food.  You know, really get a taste of how everything is, be a food critic.  After checking out the menu of so many good items, we both decided on the shrimp salad sandwich.  It was soo good!   

We made the right choice.  It was delicious and the french fries were great.  We will have to go again soon.
So if you are around Canton check it out.


Let's Toast to Growing Up


With growing up comes responsibility and other grown up things such as getting married and entering into new chapter of life.  Now this life that we enter into after college is different.  It is hard between graduating college and being a grown up.  I mean what do you do?  Go and party all weekend?  I know I can't keep up anymore.  But with age comes new adventures.  We aren't sure what is to come at this time of our lives because what we always knew was planned out.  Go to preschool and after that just follow until college.  Our next steps were some what planned out for us without even knowing.  After that it was find a job or continue with school.
Now at this age we enter into the world of the unknown.  This world is made up of marriage, work, close friends, buying homes, and more responsibility.  It is the first time we don't know what is to come.  
Yes, I said it marriage.  Now I just recently got married and let me tell you it was perfect.  But now my friend is getting married and I can't believe the wedding time of our lives has started! 

So on that note I have to give a toast or speech at the reception as being the Matron of Honor.  I have never done this before!  What do I say?  Maybe a little couple background.  Some information about how they first met. I have never been a public speaker and I am nervous.  I guess this all comes with growing up.
Do you have any input on what to do or what to say?  I could use some help.   


Favorite Look: Chambray Shirts


Do you have a favorite look?  Something that when you don't know what to wear, you go right to and know it will work. You know, one of those last minute outfits. Well I know I have one item of clothing I go right to.  I love my chambray shirts.  They are the definition of a to go favorite.  I honestly feel that they are classic and a great item to have because you are able to dress them up or down.  That to me is a total plus.
You can pair these shirts with so many different colors due to their denim color. The shirts are simple so they are fun to accessorize.  Add a chunky necklace or fun scarf with some earrings and you have a complete look.
Here are some of my favorite looks

Love the J.Crew necklace with the basic off white sweater and chambray shirt.

This one pictured above is such a great find.  I have been able to come up with some great outfits with this shirt.  A dark chambray shirt is a must for the fall and winter.

These light colored shirts were perfect for the spring and summer.  
Like I said they are pretty much my go to shirt when I am not sure what to wear.  I think it is because I can pair them with black, yellow, orange, pink, really any color pant.  That makes the outfit planning a lot easier for those mornings I am running around trying to figure out what to wear.  I can make these shirts look casual or dressy depending on the accessories and I love accessorizing.

Where to find
Just click on the store for a link to find a chambray shirt. 
J.Crew- Light wash
Madewell- light wash
Madewell- Dark wash