Friday Finds: Jill Kerry Designs

Happy Friday Finds!  This time I found Jill Kerry Designs.  She makes adorable trays for the home.  I stumbled across them when searching for trays on Etsy and fell in love with the colors and great patterns.

These fun patterned trays can be used a couple different ways.  As seen in the shops pictures they are great for coffee tables, kitchen counters or on top of a dresser; for decoration, for a catch all, or jewelry.  You can add some color to any room in the house.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
How great is this color combination?  I think the green handles really pop on the white.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
This Zebra pattern would be great in a kitchen
or this one.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
This black and white could be great for any room.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
Wouldn't your jewelry look great on this flower tray?

These trays make great house warming gifts, hostess gifts, or the best kind, one for yourself.  If you haven't come across Jill Kerry Designs you need to check out her shop.

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  1. Oh wow, I had never heard of Jill Kerry Designs before but I'm so glad you told me about her because these trays are fab! I would love one for my desk at work.