Currently Like


This will be a little random mix of everything I currently like right now.  There are so many new things popping up with spring, I can't keep up.  
So many great things!

1. New Nikon Camera
This new camera, DF-SRL has such a fun look with its vintage style matched with its up to date technology.

2. Essie Nail Polish-
So excited to try some new colors.  
serial shopper
spin the bottle
resort fling
I need to go and get these new 2014 colors

3. Barrington Bags-  
I have been looking at these bags for sometime but never seemed to purchase, no idea why.  But how great are these?

4. Baseball-
I am not a big baseball fan, but I love going to the games with friends.  Can't wait to go this year.

5. FlipFlops-
It was so nice to break out the flipflops for the SC trip and while there I got these great Sam Edelman Romy wedges.  I love them so much; I may have them in a couple colors.

What are you do you currently like during this season?


Friday Finds: KoolPlatez

So excited about this Friday Finds!  I am a huge fan of this Etsy shop.  They make some of the neatest items.

This weeks Friday Finds is:

Courtesy of KoolPlatez


Brooke and Todd from Ohio are the etsy shop owners and they make these great items from recycled licenses plates. 

Courtesy of KoolPlatez
 Keychains, signs, necklaces, and my favorite cuffs.

Courtesy of KoolPlatez
These cuffs are so fun!  I personally own a Maryland, Hawaii, and South Carolina cuff and love them all!

I have even given some as gifts.  Not to long ago I gave a Delaware cuff to a friend of mine who bought a beach house in Bethany Beach.  She thought it was such a great idea.

So if you know anyone moving or just loves a state, check out their shop

These pieces are conversation starters that is for sure!  I feel like every time I have one on someone asks about it. 

Brook and Todd are very nice and great to talk to.  I wanted to know if they had any other options for some states and they got right back to me about the options they have.  They do have a custom order section.

If you are looking for a fun, not seen everywhere gift for someone, check out KoolPlatez.  They have something for everyone.


Can't Wait For White Jeans


I don't know if I can wait much longer.  I feel like it will take forever to get to the point where I can wear my white Jeans.
I have an obsession with white jeans.  So much so that I have a pair that I consider my "going out" pair.  You know just in case they get dirty.  You never know.
I wrote about my white jean obsession awhile back ago.  It was around the time to put them away. (Sad day for sure!)
Some of my favorite outfits are when I am wearing white jeans.

What is it about white jeans that make us feel so great?

I personally believe they have a feeling of relaxation and calmness.  That bright, crisp white just screams summer to me and with that comes a peaceful feeling. 

I am counting down the days to when I can pull these jeans out of the closet and wear them.  

Do you love white jeans as much as I do?


South Carolina, Here I Come


First off I would like to say sorry for missing.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my latest pictures of my trip to South Carolina!

Yes! I actually checked it off my Spring To Do List

It felt so great passing into South Carolina after hours and hours in the car. 

(12 to be exact)
But once you cross the state line its like as if nothing else matters.

You know you are in the South when...

When we finally reached our destination, I was thrilled!  I couldn't wait to step foot in my favorite state (besides Maryland of course).

On our first day we headed right to the pool to catch some rays.

Not a cloud in the sky.  Some would say it was a Carolina blue sky.

A trip to the pool is not complete without a Sonic Route 44 drink by your side!

It was such a relaxing day that ended with some ice cream.

There was the cutest little Ice Cream place in Surfside Beach.  They have the best ice cream.

Unfortunately our other days where a little cloudy and rainy, but that didn't stop the fun.  What did we do?


Even the shopping is fantastic under the big trees.

Or in the mall.

We had such a fun time checking everything out.  It felt like I have been away from this place for forever.  

 When driving through Murrell's Inlet I spotted the Party Down South house.  It can be your vacation rental for 2,000-3,000 a week.  You too can check out the Beaver Bar and party in the home over the summer.

So after all that fun and adventure it was time to pack up and head back up North.

(I only travel with Lilly, Henri, and Scout) 

But with all the bags packed up, I wish I could have a place to call my own down South.

It doesn't cost anything to look, right?

(How cute are these townhouses?)

Just after I got used to being in the South again it was time to turn around and come back North.  I always miss the South when I leave. 

It is fun to see this place on the way down, but it'd hard to see it on the way back up 95.  But the trip was great and even though we didn't have great weather the whole time it was still fantastic.

Have you been to South Carolina?

Did you ever watch Party Down South? What did you think of it?


Flowers For The Home


My new decoration for the home is perfect for this time of year.  Do you need some flowers for your house?

I first started out with this Mint Julep Cup from Crate&Barrel. (It is on sale now too!)  I wanted to use it has a decorative piece in my house and when I came across these adorable flower balls, I knew they would be perfect.

I couldn't pass up the hydrangea one.  I am happy with my new spring additions to the home.

Have you added anything new to your house for spring?


Good Feelings Come With Good Weather


I consider Spring an event and an important one at that.  It means longer days and sunshine.  It has been pretty nice weather here in Baltimore (after the rain of course).  

Spirits are high during this time of year.  I find it interesting to see people are usually in a better mood when the weather is nice.  People lately seem to have good feelings all around.  What is it about the sun that makes us feel better?

Do you find yourself in a better mood on the sun filled days of spring and summer?
I know I do!

I think winter really took a toll on us and after all the snow; I couldn't wait to break out the bright colors.  The pants, the shoes, and my favorite, accessories have all been waiting to come out.

I can't tell you how exciting it was to pull out the blue pants, fun shoes, and my bright colored bracelets for today's outfit.
Oh sun and warm weather where have you been?

Are you excited to pull out the colors and have a change in wardrobe?
Are you tired of the winter clothes?
Do you feel better on nice days? More refreshed?


Spring Jackets


Spring weather is finally here!  I am loving these sunny days we have been having, but there have been plenty of rainy ones as well, like today.  When it comes to Spring weather here in Baltimore, you never know what to wear.  You could need a light weight jacket, rain coat, or none of the above.  Sometimes I wonder what is going on here.
Here are some of my go to jackets for this season.

This light weight jacket has been my favorite lately.  I have loved wearing it.

Totally in love.  The great weight of this jacket makes it perfect for the Spring season.  And this green!  I just love it from the jacket to accessories.  

For those wonderful rainy days that have been popping up I head right to my rain jackets.  

This Vineyard Vines is an old favorite of mine.  I love the pop of color for the spring time.

But to be honest, my go to rain jacket is my old North Face.

This is my classic rain jacket option.  You can never go wrong with black.
I believe that during this time of year you need a couple options for rain or shine.

Here are some jackets I found online:

Happy April Showers, hope it brings plenty of May flowers!


Friday Finds: McKenzie Wild

I have decided to do a special post on Fridays about some of the wonderful Esty finds that I come across.  If you haven't been on Etsy, let me tell you it is a MUST! 
I can honestly say that I have brought some great items from different sellers on Etsy.  I have found other items that I have my eye on.  There are so many great things.

My first Friday Finds will be:

This wonderful Etsy site belongs to the none other than Whitney at McKenzie Wild.
She makes and sells Lilly Pulitzer themed wine glasses.

How cute are these?
These glasses are great for parties or just for an evening in.  With the summer coming, I can't think of a better glass.  Lilly Pulitzer and wine? Sounds like a great combination to me!

So if you are looking for a great gift for someone or your self head over to Etsy and check out these great wine glasses.

Do you love Lilly and wine?
Are there other great Etsy shops I should check out?