Friday Finds: Jill Kerry Designs

Happy Friday Finds!  This time I found Jill Kerry Designs.  She makes adorable trays for the home.  I stumbled across them when searching for trays on Etsy and fell in love with the colors and great patterns.

These fun patterned trays can be used a couple different ways.  As seen in the shops pictures they are great for coffee tables, kitchen counters or on top of a dresser; for decoration, for a catch all, or jewelry.  You can add some color to any room in the house.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
How great is this color combination?  I think the green handles really pop on the white.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
This Zebra pattern would be great in a kitchen
or this one.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
This black and white could be great for any room.

Courtesy of Jill Kerry Designs
Wouldn't your jewelry look great on this flower tray?

These trays make great house warming gifts, hostess gifts, or the best kind, one for yourself.  If you haven't come across Jill Kerry Designs you need to check out her shop.


Mouth Party Caramels

Have you heard of Mouth Party Caramels?

If not, you are missing out.  Mouth Party Caramels makes great tasting caramels!

They are located right here in Baltimore, Maryland and started in 2007.  The flavors are to die for; even the original is sinful.  It is a family recipe that we are lucky that they shared with us.

The flavors range from Original to Chocolate, from Old Bay to Sea Salt, and they have a variety of seasonal flavors.  Right now they have Orange and Lemon Rosemary.

On a marketing side, how cute is the packaging?

Anything with a bow gets my attention.

They will even do favors for your next event.  They provide bag and box options with a great selection of colors.

I used them at my wedding!  The people at Mouth Party were great to work with.  They provided samples and showed all the options available.  They were very helpful in the decision process.

I went with the Original flavor for my favors.  They were a hit!  People were calling to tell us how much they loved them and asking where to find them.

They also make caramel sauce! 

This is great for ice cream!

There is a bonus when it comes to Mouth Party Caramels.  Besides their great caramels, they also donate portions of their profit to cancer research.

Mouth Party Caramels is perfect for a little gift or a hostess gift.  Next time you need something, you can't go wrong with a bag of Mouth Party Caramels!

Unfortunately, Mouth Party Caramels is closed as of right now due to the major rainstorm we had a little while back.  Their facility flooded, but they have been rebuilding.  Once the doors are open again you will have to give them a try.  I know I am missing them!

Hurry back Mouth Party Caramels, my mouth is watering just waiting!


J.Crew and Pink Pants


Favorite Pink Pants
Betsey Johnson Watch
Sondra Roberts Cork Clutch

This weekend was filled with great weather and it was time to break out the pink pants.  I have enjoyed pulling out all the bright colors and all the fun tunic tops.  How great is the detail on this J.Crew top?  The tan stitching paired so well with the hot pink for a day of running errands.

These Sam Edelman shoes are my all time favorites.  I love them so much that I have them in a couple color options.  They are great for dressing up a simple dress or just adding a little something to a pair of jeans.

What have you been excited to wear after this long winter?


Memorial Day Weekend Recap


I hope everyone had a great long Memorial Day weekend and safe travels.  I can't believe May is almost over!  I can tell you that I enjoyed my weekend.

I didn't go away or travel over my weekend.  I stayed right here in Baltimore.

Friday was a very long work day (that happens when there is a day off involved).  I was invited to the baseball game, but missed it.
But that's ok, Friday turned into a low key stay in night.  

Saturday was parent-filled.  The morning was spent around the house and then my parents picked me up to run some errands and grab lunch.  I love spending time with my parents, especially when Hubs is working.  
Later that day the Hubs and I headed to HomeGoods and grabbed some dinner. 

Finds at HomeGoods:

How great are these mailboxes.  I think I need one!
I left it at the store, but I have been thinking about it.  I may have to go back and see if it is still there.

After we left we stopped at Sonic for half price Milkshakes.

They have some of the best Milkshakes.  
And during the summer they have half price shakes after 8 p.m.

Sunday was spent in downtown Baltimore.  We were invited to a Memorial Day grill out.  
Red, White, and Blue was encouraged, so of course I added to it with accessories.

Crab included in celebrating Memorial Day.

On Monday I enjoyed the wonderful weather in the morning.  It was so nice to sit out and spend some time with my mom and do a little light reading.

It felt so good to feel the sun!  I can't wait for more time like that this summer.

That night ended with grilling out at the in-laws.

All and all a wonderful weekend.

What did you all do this past weekend?
Did you travel or stay home?


Memorial Day 2014

And don't forget to pull out your white pants! 


Bald Head Island


The last couple summers I have been vacationing on Bald Head Island.  I will admit that I was new to this place.  My family and I always spent our summers in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  But I was lucky enough to be invited to go on vacation with my now husband's family while we were dating.  I fell in love.

After you step off the ferry and head to the house, you already have a feeling of relaxation.
It is such a peaceful, fun, and wonderful place to vacation.

You can spend all day on the beach. From days tanning and reading the great "Beach Read" to evening beach strolls.

I love the fact that there are no cars on the island and that we ride around in golf carts.

Simple is a word that comes to mind when visiting BHI.

Old Baldy is the island's light house and can be seen from where you arrive on the island. 

There are so many places to go on the island.  Golf, Paddle Boarding, shopping, sailing, and surf are just some of the things you can do.

But all vacations come to an end.  All of our things are packed up waiting for the tram to pick us up for the ferry.

I can't wait to get back there this summer.  Until then BHI.
I have to say it is one of my places I love going over the summer.

Do you have a vacation spot that is your favorite?
Where do you vacation?


The Preakness Stakes


This Saturday is the 139th running of the Preakness.  This event takes place right here in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pimlico Race Course is the home of the Preakness.  Every year the place is packed full of people hoping to see a winner, hopefully a triple crown.  This year  California Chrome will line up to try and win the second race of the triple crown.  If he wins the journey will continue and after the race, my favorite part takes place, the painting of the weather vane.  Right after the winner is declared a painter climbs up to the weather vane and begins to paint the winner silks and the color of the winning horse.  This will remain until the next year.  
They will also be covered with a blanket of Black-Eyed Susans, our state flower.

There hasn't been a triple crown winner in years, the last one was in 1978! 

My grandparents used to go every year to watch the race.  I have a collection of these glasses and it just so happens that I have one from the last year of the triple crown winner!

How fun is that?

You will find people sipping on a signature cocktail while waiting and watching the race.  This cocktail is called The Black- Eyed Susan.  


1 1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz St. Germain
2 oz Pineapple Juice
1/4 oz Lime Juice 
3/4 oz Orange Juice
Add a orange slice and sip

So lets wish California Chrome some luck this saturday and enjoy the race with a Black-Eyed Susan in hand.

Do you think California Chrome has what it takes?
Are you a horse racing fan like my family? 


Wedding Crafting


This June will be our first anniversary!  June 22nd will be our happy day to have the top layer of cake and think about how much fun we had on that day last year.  The other day I was looking at our cake topper and thought it is too cute to just have sitting around.  So of course I made a craft project out of it.

Our cake was a simple yet elegant white, dot cake.  I LOVED it!  And not only did it look great, but tasted delicious.

As you can see, our cake topper was our monogram.  I needed to do something with it, how could I not?

Luckily, the hubs was able to cut off the point for me to do something with it.

I headed over to the craft store and walked around to see if anything caught my eye.  I found some burlap and though that the black monogram would look great.  And I found a great looking frame.

I think it turned out pretty well.  Now just to find a place to put it!

 Have you done a new craft lately?
Have you repurposed something?


Top 5: Bags Every Woman Should Own


Every woman needs to have certain bags in their closet.  The basics are very important and if you ask me, they are a must have.
Some people are bag changers and some people use the same bag everyday until it is worn out.  I wonder how they can do this.  I change my bag to go with my outfit.  Just today I changed my bag which I changed yesterday!

But these Top 5 Bags are ones that the bag changer and not both all need.  

1) Classic Black
Every woman needs a nice black bag.  I don't care what you say, this is a must!  It will go with a simple outfit or an event outfit.  Classic is always a must.

2) Tan or Brown
To cover the basics a great tan bag is important.  It will go with so much you can't go wrong.

I use this tan and white bag all the time.  It goes with so many outfits and colors, it is a great option to own.

Or this great option is fun too.  Add a little color to a traditional bag.

3) Clutch 
Whether it is a night out on the town or an special event a clutch is a perfect choice.  I can't say a certain color is better because I personally believe you could use a few clutches for the different seasons and outfits.

You always need a couple options for an evening out.

4) A Statement Bag
Now this can be a bag that is a great color or one that stands out.  It should be something different.  Maybe a bag with a great pattern.  These are the fun bag out of the group.

This Tory Burch bag has been a favorite of mine.  The color is like nothing else.  It is such a fun bag to pair with a simple outfit.  This bag makes the statement.

The colors of these are great and are also another statement bag.  Love these!

5) The Beach Bag
With Summer coming up, the beach bag something that needs to be on the list.  I love to head to the beach and I pack my bag.  I usually will have a drink, towel, snack, sunglasses, hat book, and a magazine.
This is why I love this Henri Bendel Bag

So there you have it.  If you are missing one of the Top 5 bags, you need to add it.  

Do you love bags as much as I do?
Do you change your bag to go with your outfit?


Friday Finds a Foundation: Oxbow Designs

This weeks Friday Finds is related to a foundation that is close to home.  This is a special Friday Finds.

This week's Friday Finds is:

This wonderful shop is owned by Maggie Kyle and she makes great hand made necklaces.  With her free sprit, she reminds us that it is fun to go your own way.  Explore the unknown.

Courtesy of Oxbow Designs

Courtesy of Oxbow Designs

Aren't these perfect?  They are each hand stamped so you will not see the same one twice.  These great necklaces remind us to take a chance, be who you are, and most importantly to be kind.

This necklace has a even more meaningful statement behind it.  This necklace supports the One Love Foundation.  20% of the profit will be donated to the One Love Foundation.

The One Love Foundation was made to honor the spirit of Yeardley Love.  She was a Baltimore native who played lacrosse at Notre Dame Prep and continued to UVA.  During her lacrosse career she wore the number 1 and became a friend and a teammate to many.
Her fun loving spirit, kindness, and laughter are missed, but live through the One Love Foundation.

The One Love Foundation was started in 2010 to keep Yeardley's spirit alive for everyone she touched.  Their mission is to end relationship violence, especially through technology and education.

For more information visit the One Love Foundation at www.joinonelove.org.

This Friday Finds is one that is very special.  
Be sure to check out Oxbow Designs and the One Love Foundation.