Popsations Gourmet Popcorn

During the summer seasons my family and I go to the beach.  Now, when I think of the beach, I think of fudge and caramel popcorn.  I am sure many people do as well.  I don't know about your family, but caramel popcorn is a big hit with my family.  
Well what to do when it isn't the summer time?  Well.... exciting news!  There is a great (and I mean great!) popcorn place right here in our backyard.
Popsations Gourmet Popcorn is made right here in Maryland, Timonium to be exact!  I love local! 

But don't worry if you are not local to Maryland, you can order from their website.  Click here for the link.  With a variety of sizes, tins/bags, there is something for everyone.  
The flavors are wonderful, just delicious.

Flavor Choices:

Classic Caramel
 Great classic flavor.  Great for any caramel popcorn lover.

Crabby Caramel
A Maryland treat for sure!

Dark Chocolate Caramel
 Oh My Gosh! So good!  It is the perfect mix of salty and caramel. Delicious.

White Chocolate Peppermint
Great for the holidays (hostess gift) the amount of peppermint was perfect.

White Chocolate Caramel

They also make:
Classic Cheddar
White Cheddar
and a Classic Mix (Classic caramel and Classic Cheddar together) 

The flavors I have tried are the ones pictured and I can honestly say they are all great.  It is hard decision to only pick one.  If I were asked which one was my favorite it most defiantly would be the Dark Chocolate.  It was so good!  I could have eaten the whole bag myself.
 How can you go wrong with popcorn that is tied with a cute red and white bow! 

 How Cute!  That way if you are in a store you can't miss it.  So if you are in Maryland and your mouth is now watering, check out these places to buy by following this link to their in store location list.  And remember, don't worry if you aren't here in MD.  They Ship!  Just check their website and order.


  1. Yum! My mom would LOVE this! Perfect for a stocking stuffer or hostess gift!

    1. It is so delicious. You have to pick some up!