Train Garden Tradition


The trains are up and running at The Shops at Kenilworth Mall.  Every year a team of men put together an amazingly detailed train garden that draws a crowd during the holidays.  These men start before Thanksgiving in order to get everything together in time for the little ones to enjoy while visiting Santa.

I believe this is one of the best times at Kenilworth.  Having the trains and Santa at the mall just make that Italian Gardens pizza taste even better!  

This time of year is so magical for the little ones.  I remember my times at Kenilworth and looking at the trains.  All their hard work and details really do pay off because of the joy it brings to the people.
If you have never been to see these trains you have to stop into the mall.  Every year they add new and exciting things to the garden.  You never know what you are going to see!

You can look at the trains a couple times because you will see something new each time.

From one end to another you will enjoy the trains.  There are interactive buttons for the little ones to push making trains moves or helicopters fly.

The details are perfect.  These men truly pay attention.  Each figure is placed in a certain spot bringing together the whole garden.  They want everyone to have a great experience.


Just love the little downtown area with the stadiums and the row houses.  How cute! 
If you have little ones it is a perfect outing.  Trains and pizza, you can't go wrong.  Then, you can go up stairs and visit with Santa.
Have fun planning your holiday activities or taking part in the traditions.