Bags, They Always Fit


As I have stated before I am an accessory type of girl, you know they always fit!
 I especially love bags.  Bigger tote bags are my favorite because I tend to carry to much stuff with me.  From my Kate Spade planner to Band aids, I have it all.  And it is all organized if I do say so myself.  (I may have to do one of those in my bag posts and show you how I keep everything straight)
Anyway, one of my favorite go to bags is the famous Longchamp, Le Pliage.  These bags are workhorses.

One is never enough.  I have dragged these bags through it all.  
I have used these bags as school bags through college.  I have traveled to Hawaii and back with one.  And I use them as my everyday tote.  I believe that you can't go wrong with them.  If you are thinking about getting one, take the leap and you will not look back.

Now there is a downside.  Everyone has them.  You see yourself coming and going with these bags. 

This is a real picture.  I was out with some friends and when we were all heading out for the night we all went to get our bags and this is what happened.  There were at least 7 black Longchamps!

But surprisingly enough, this does not stop me from carrying these bags and something like that normally does.  I am such a fan of these little durable bags.

Do you have one?  Is it a favorite on your list too?


  1. I have a black Longchamp, and I absolutely adore it :) My momma and I have matching black ones, and I purchased her a gunmetal gray one for Christmas.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. I LOVE my "Champy" but I have to say my new C. Wonder bag might be taking 1st place in my heart. Crazy I know... I cannot believe it.


  3. I love my Longchamp, I use it for everything!


    1. Me too! It is my go to bag for everything.

  4. Oh the torture. If I don't get one soon I may go insane, they are so pretty. I've never seen a bag thing said about them. I love how many you have, I want a brightly colored one something to make me smiles when I carry it, plus I read someone say they feel like they loose things in a darker one.
    With Love, Madylin @ smilesnmiles.com

  5. I love my Longchamps! They're so easy to clean, and I love that I can throw everything in them.