Valentine's Day Spirit


This Friday is Valentine's Day and to celebrate I have added a couple little touches around the house.  You know, to get in the spirit. I am a fan of this special day, but I don't expect the normal Valentine's activities.
 I love Valentine's not in the way that some girls do, but I love the little cards for the kids to take to school, I love the candy, and I love it is on a Friday this year.
Now some people get carried away with such elaborate plans.  Dinner, presents, and flowers with chocolate, and of course decorations.
I personally believe dinner on the exact day is a little overrated.  Too many people in the restaurant and I feel like the restaurant's "Valentine's Specials" are not always the best.  I much rather make dinner plans for another night.
Presents.  Who doesn't like presents?  Some of my best memories are coming down for school in the morning and seeing the little items my parents gave me.  Favorite being the heart shaped chocolates on a lollipop stick.
I like to have flowers in the house.  I just feel like they just give off a great feeling, especially during these snowy, cold months.  And what girl doesn't like a little chocolate?
Now my favorite.  Decorations are the best! Valentine's is a little holiday when compared to Christmas, decorations aren't as big and exciting.  
But don't you worry!  I found some cute ones.
You have seen my straws in another post found here - Best of January.
But I have decorated the bar cart even more when I found these cute napkins.

Kate Spade his and hers glasses are just perfect for the holiday.  
And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without candy hearts.

 I had to grab the Sweet Tart ones when I stopped into Target the other day.

Are you ready to celebrate Valentine's Day?  
Any exciting plans?


  1. I love the napkins on the bar cart! I love any holiday that includes PINK! But I do agree sometimes it can be a bit overrated.

  2. AWW what a CUTE post :) and I wish you a LOVING valentines my dear.

    Check out my new post...amazing oriental rug inspiration:)

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