What is for Dinner?

One problem I come across is what is for dinner.  It was so easy living at home and my dad would make dinner and I wouldn't have to plan.  Now, it is up to me and my husband to plan what we need from the store and what we are going to make.  I really miss not have to worry about it.
Last night we decided to make chicken teriyaki over rice and let me tell you, it was delicious.  It was so good that it will make it to one of our go to lists.  Something to make when we aren't sure what to make. 

So here is what you need if you want to try this easy recipe.  It will talk about 25 to 30 minutes from start to finish.

A pound of chicken (I like to use the chicken tenders)
Broccoli (Microwavable is easiest)
and Stir Fry sauce

 First, wash and cut up the chicken.  Put into skillet with butter on high.  

Cook chicken until brown. (While cooking the chicken put your broccoli in the microwave so it is ready to be added to the chicken and start to boil water for rice)

Once chicken is brown and while the broccoli is finishing up,  add a half cup of stir fry sauce.

Now the water is boiling for the rice.  Pour your rice into water and set aside according to the instructions on box.

Add broccoli to chicken and sauce.  Lower the heat to medium.  Mix well.

Now your rice is ready!

Grab a bowl, pour rice and top with chicken and broccoli.

Sit down and enjoy!

Have you tried anything new?  Or have a good go to meal?
I would love to try something new!


  1. I have the same problem coming up with dinner ideas! This one looks nice and easy.

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    1. It was easy, which is great for those busy days!

  2. I love chicken teriyaki, it always hits the spot!


  3. That sounds easy and delicious. I hate to cook, but I may have to try it.