What is with This Weather?

What is going on with Mother Nature?  The weather is all over the place lately.  One day it is nice and the next it is terrible with a capital T.
Well, I say nice as in no need for a big puffy coat or jacket.  Yesterday was a nice day, almost 50 degrees, being in the mid 40s.  Lightweight scarf and Barbour jacket was all I needed.

Lets talk about today and the many other crazy snow days.  Today couldn't make up its mind.  Freezing rain/snow, gross!  Today called for Bean Boots, corduroys, and my favorite puffy Vineyard Vines coat.

Here are some of the snow days we have had this year.


All I have to say is that summer better be great and full of long sunny days.  
How many more days until summer?

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  1. AHHH That snow covered tree makes me happy! Almost as pretty as a beach? No. Well according to the groundhog, we have 6 more weeks. Which don't we always, it's only February!