Freshman Year

It is that time of year again, school time.  Where did summer go?
 I wanted to talk about college, mostly freshman year.  It is the biggest event that takes place after high school.  It is a time that you are away from home, away from parents, away from what you have always known, and finally all on your own.  Ahhh!  To me, this was scary!  I went 8 hours away from home and didn't know anyone.  Talk about end of the world!  (It wasn't.  It was just different)
Freshman year can be full of new and fascinating things.  But you seem to stand out as a freshman.

People know you are a freshman when:

- You carry a map of campus with your class schedule everywhere you go.  Come on, please just use your phone, it's a smart phone remember?

- Orientation is your first opportunity to meet friends.

- You are stuck with the 8 am classes and you leave extra early in case you go to the room or worse the wrong building!

- Your roommate becomes your "Best" friend.  It is a little forced at times.

- You wear your high school sweatshirt around campus. No one cares you played a sport senior year.

- You wear your ID card on a lanyard.  Just stop.

- You have to ask for your door to be unlocked because, well you forgot your key. (Time to be responsible)

- You become "that" girl or guy at the party, come on handle yourself! It is not ok.

We have all been there.  I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday.  I didn't know anyone and I never even went to sleep away camp when I was little.  College was a shock for me.  At first I wanted to go home, but in the end everything worked out fine.  I met great friends that I still have to this day and now I miss my time spent at college.  I would even do freshman year again.  

So if you are new and starting as a freshman, don't be scared.  Remember everyone is in the same boat.  You are all looking for friends, wondering where to go, what to do on weekends, and just trying to make it through freshman year.

I wish you all luck in the new school year!  These are some of the best years of your life, cherish them.

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  1. Freshman year of college was the best! How I feel like I took that time for granted but I also lived it up and to the fullest! I really wish I could go back! I definitely think every one should go through sorority and fraternity recruitment, it's a great experience!

    And make as many friends as you can! You can be anyone you want to be, no one knows who you are so it's the best time to reinvent yourself! Oh how I miss college.