Is That Weird?

I was reading an article about Chipotle and how much everyone loves it and thought to myself, I have never been there.  
Is that weird?

I then started to think of all the other "weird" things.

-I have never left the country. (I don't even have a passport)
-I have never had a pet other than fish.
-I have a photographic memory and remember random, sometimes useless information.
-I never went to sleep away camp when I was younger. (College was a shock)
-I talk to my parents more than once a day. (Now, I didn't think this is weird and still don't, but my mom was saying something to another woman about talking to me and she said she would talk to her daughter about once a month! What? That's WEIRD)
-I used to sell used video games!- Weird, I know.  I wasn't really selling, but I was in contact with companies that we supplied games to.  I was helping and I loved the people I worked with, it was actually fun.
-I HATE to pump gas.
-I still love school supplies and buy them even though I have been out of school for four years.
-It is weird that it is August!

Hope you all had a great Friday Eve!  I am so excited I am heading to dinner tomorrow with good friend and blogger of mine now that she is finished with the bar exam.  She is finally back in the real world and her head is out of the books.

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  1. I don't think anybody likes pumping gas (especially in the winter!). You're definitely not weird! :)