Best of February

February is now over and we are heading right into March.  The best of February is a get mix of things.  I am happy to share the highlights.

Top Posts of February

This post is about my love of Longchamp bags
I haven't had a snow day in forever.  This was my first snow day in the working world!
How to make a simple meal of chicken teriyaki.

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Top Instagram Pictures of February

Visit to the Paper Shop was popular.  They have great invitations!

My niece's birthday present was a close second.  I guess people like cute wrapping paper as much as I do.

Finally, a little summer in the middle of this winter weather was a winner.  Everyone seems to be ready for some better weather.

It is interesting to see that all of these post have bright colors and in hopes of warmer weather.  

Here is to the month of March!
 (Please play nice with the weather, I need some spring)

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  1. Love that wrapping paper. I think we all need some spring after this winter!