My Shows


I have had favorite television shows since my Wednesday nights were booked with Dawson's Creek.  People knew not to call me until the show was over.  I remember when the last episode aired and when it was over, I didn't believe it.  Something that I would go out of my way and watch every week ending.  What was I supposed to do on Wednesday nights?  It was the end, but I lived.
Now, as I grow older I have new shows I love to sit down to watch and with things like On Demand and recording we can watch when we want.

The following are the shows I am currently watching this season.
1.  My new favorite show is American Horror Story.  I started this show late in the first season.  I will be honest I was kind of scared to watch alone.  (Weird for me because I love scary movies and shows, but alone? I don't know)

 I truly fell in love with this show.  Last season was crazy and this season just leaves me with more and more questions.  I watch every Wednesday on time!  I put on my comfy clothes and get ready to watch at 10 P.M. every Wednesday.  I am addicted and having to wait 2 weeks until the next episode is a little upsetting.  So many questions that are left unanswered, they leave me hanging on every week.
2.  2 Broke Girls is another show I tune into on Monday Nights.  I started watching this show because a good friend of mine and I would love to own a cupcake shop.  I stuck to watching it because it has some good laughs and that's just what I need on a Monday night.
3.  How I Met Your Mother is a long time on and off show for me.  I have watched reruns and new episodes and still enjoy it.  I think this show is a good mindless show to watch.  Plus it is another Monday night laugh.  
4. Housewives of Beverly Hills is a must for me.  I have really enjoyed most of the Housewives, but this is a show I will usually catch up on when I have time.  Plus, Bravo replays them and they are On Demand.  I just live for the drama these girls start.
So with the weather getting colder I believe it is nice to settle in for the night, get comfy, and watch a good show.
What are some of your favorite past or present?


  1. Replies
    1. I have never watched that. Maybe I should check it out!

  2. I haven't watch American Horror Story, I am too afraid to watch it by myself! I do however love 2 broke girls and how i met your mother! I always have to watch Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy :)


    1. I know what you mean about American Horror Story and it is on so late to be watching alone!