Let's Toast to Growing Up


With growing up comes responsibility and other grown up things such as getting married and entering into new chapter of life.  Now this life that we enter into after college is different.  It is hard between graduating college and being a grown up.  I mean what do you do?  Go and party all weekend?  I know I can't keep up anymore.  But with age comes new adventures.  We aren't sure what is to come at this time of our lives because what we always knew was planned out.  Go to preschool and after that just follow until college.  Our next steps were some what planned out for us without even knowing.  After that it was find a job or continue with school.
Now at this age we enter into the world of the unknown.  This world is made up of marriage, work, close friends, buying homes, and more responsibility.  It is the first time we don't know what is to come.  
Yes, I said it marriage.  Now I just recently got married and let me tell you it was perfect.  But now my friend is getting married and I can't believe the wedding time of our lives has started! 

So on that note I have to give a toast or speech at the reception as being the Matron of Honor.  I have never done this before!  What do I say?  Maybe a little couple background.  Some information about how they first met. I have never been a public speaker and I am nervous.  I guess this all comes with growing up.
Do you have any input on what to do or what to say?  I could use some help.   

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  1. I'm a BIG fan of growing up today! I got a JOB!!!!!!

    Advice for speeches: Personal story. Make it funny. Make it unique to the couple. Gush about how happy you are for them and how they are perfect for each other!