Favorite Look: Chambray Shirts


Do you have a favorite look?  Something that when you don't know what to wear, you go right to and know it will work. You know, one of those last minute outfits. Well I know I have one item of clothing I go right to.  I love my chambray shirts.  They are the definition of a to go favorite.  I honestly feel that they are classic and a great item to have because you are able to dress them up or down.  That to me is a total plus.
You can pair these shirts with so many different colors due to their denim color. The shirts are simple so they are fun to accessorize.  Add a chunky necklace or fun scarf with some earrings and you have a complete look.
Here are some of my favorite looks

Love the J.Crew necklace with the basic off white sweater and chambray shirt.

This one pictured above is such a great find.  I have been able to come up with some great outfits with this shirt.  A dark chambray shirt is a must for the fall and winter.

These light colored shirts were perfect for the spring and summer.  
Like I said they are pretty much my go to shirt when I am not sure what to wear.  I think it is because I can pair them with black, yellow, orange, pink, really any color pant.  That makes the outfit planning a lot easier for those mornings I am running around trying to figure out what to wear.  I can make these shirts look casual or dressy depending on the accessories and I love accessorizing.

Where to find
Just click on the store for a link to find a chambray shirt. 
J.Crew- Light wash
Madewell- light wash
Madewell- Dark wash


  1. I love those shirts, they really do go with just about anything!


  2. The chambray shirt is such a workhorse.