Where did you go to school?

Where did you go to school?  In Maryland it is not where you went to college that we are asking about, it is where you went to high school that matters.  Here in Maryland we care to know about where you went to high school in order to find common people that we will know and to get to know you.  Certain high schools have reputations that reflect them and people will compare people according to their high school.
Now I am not really sure why this is, I think it is to really compare you to others (sad I know).  It has always been that way and people not from here don't understand why we care about high school so much.  I hate to say it, but going to certain high schools means different things.  You can tell a lot about a person from where they went to school.

The basic choices in MD are private, catholic, and public.  Now we are all friends with each other and have grown up together.  Baltimore is a small place.  We have friends that are in private, catholic, and public and we all hang out together, but people still ask where did you go to school.  People tend to believe that certain schools hold better reputations, which in some ways is true. 
Now just the other weekend I was out with some friends (we all didn't go to the same high school) and someone came up to me and we were talking for a little.  Soon we got to the normal Maryland conversation.  "Where did you go to school?" they asked.  I replied and from then on the conversation changed.  They didn't care for my high school.  I decided to ask where they went and after finding out the answer I then understood.  The conversation was not the same from that point on.
Now why do we do this?  Why are we putting people in categories due to their high school?  That I don't know.  Like I said, I have friends from all schools and we all get a long just fine.  But for some reason, every once and a while you will meet people who either love you for where to when to school or really dislike you for where you graduated from. 
 Oh Baltimore, you are confusing sometimes. 

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