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 In my travels this weekend I found some great items at HomeGoods.  I often will get in too much trouble when walking through HomeGoods. (A good friend of mine and I will go together and I feel like we pick up everything)
I love things for the home, decorating is one of my favorite things to do.  I feel like I need a new home or need a change around my house.  As you can see sometimes this is a problem.  I sometimes find great items I either don't need or don't have room for.
I found so many great things in my travels.  I don't even know where to begin. 

Well a first find when I entered into the store was this cute envelope mailbox.  I just loved it, but sadly it did not make it home with me.  (I was shopping with the hubs= fast trip, in and out)  I may have to run back for it.

This makes me want to rearrange and make room for this.  Why did I leave the store without this?  I just love the Anthropology like hardware.  Perfect for any room.

Oh these chairs are perfect!  The fabric and print is like an Oxford blue and white striped polo shirt.  Classic and simple.  Again I have no need for these.  Wish I could find a home for them.

Such a cute lamp!  I just think this would look so cute in a kitchen or den/office.  

I found some blue and white!

Needless to say this little gem made its way home with me that night.  I just love it.

That is part of the fun of HomeGoods.  You never know what you are going to find.  New things come in during the week all the time. 

Do you like to decorate or changing things around your home?

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