Ring in the New Year


Well this post is about the month of January and how I celebrated the new year.  (A little late, I know)  I have been going and going lately and I feel like time is flying.  So, I am going to try and catch up.  I wanted to talk about New Years.  
New Years is not one of my favorite holidays/events.  So this year a good friend of mine and I decided to have an easy night.  We decided to make dinner together and ring in the new year on the rooftop deck in Baltimore.

Background- We both got married in 2013 so we were being the "old married couple" together.  We thought it would be fun to make dinner together and watch the fireworks.  Plus she had to work early the next day.
Our night started with pulling out the recipe binder (5 inch binder to be exact) and picking out something we wanted to try and make.  We found a appetizer we wanted to try, something new.  And after that soon found our main dish.  Both involving chicken!
We walked to the grocery store and got everything we needed.  Then the fun part started.  
I am going to share our appetizer with you all because it was soo good!

Buffalo Chicken Bites 

Half a block of cream cheese, some hot sauce.

 Shredded cheese

Corn Flakes



Bake chicken and shred; add to cheese, cream cheese, and hot sauce

 Roll chicken into balls, dip in flour, egg, and corn flakes. Bake

These turned out to be so great! They were a big hit with the guys.  (I will need to get the recipe from my friend.  Once I get it I will share with you all)

A New Years wouldn't be complete without a couple noisemakers.  I made sure to bring little gift bags with candy and noisemakers for each of us.  
So after dinner we headed up to the roof to watch the fireworks.  It was such a nice night.  We had a great low key, simple New Years eve.

So what are you looking forward to get out of this new year?  I have a list of things I am excited for in 2014.  I am putting together some ideas and trying to focus on my blog.  I have some good posts coming.


  1. That recipe looks really good, I will have to try that! I hope you are having a great New Year so far!


    1. I will have to get the whole recipe together and send it to you!

  2. I love buffalo chicken so I definitely need to try to make these!

    1. They were delicious. I will send you the recipe!