Keep Calm-Baltimore


Baltimore.  What does Baltimore mean to you?  It is a place where you can relax and have a wonderful night out.  Go downtown and have a wonderful dinner.  You can go shop around the mall.  A place where running errands can either take you a couple minutes or the traffic can be so bad it takes up your whole day.  A place where you can see designer, name brand bags or see cheap, no names.  This is a place that you will see alittle bit of everything.  Have you been to the mall lately?  You will always see alittle bit of everything at the Towson Town Center.

 So let me ask my BMore readers.  What does this mean to you?  And if you aren't from here image what it means for the place you call home.
 I will be the first to tell you that I like Maryland, but Baltimore city is a whole other story.  Don't get me wrong I love hanging out with friends downtown.  Dinner and drinks downtown is always fun.  In the summer, the idea of walking to dinner and then out at night seems like so much fun.  But, there is a catch when living downtown Baltimore.
Here are so things to Keep Calm about when living in Baltimore.

  Keep Calm- You will need to find a parking space
This is why people don't leave the city once they are there.  These city dwellers hardly ever drive anywhere once they are home from work because they have to circle around to find a close parking spot.  Now you can be lucky sometimes.

Keep Calm- Everyone knows everything
Like I stated in my Baltimore Smalltimore post.  You can't go out without running into someone you know.  There is a saying that if you don't know what you are doing someone else does.  I can tell you that this is usually true.

Keep Calm- It's the Ravens
Come on, it's the Ravens.  Now, personally I am not a big football person, but the Ravens get me going.  Why can't they play well together?  Last year Superbowl champs! What?

Keep Calm- It's Charm City
Yes, Baltimore is home of the show The Wire. Yes, people ask about that.  But I don't live there.  Not all Baltimore is like that, trust me.  It is a great place to live.  Tradition is just one word that comes to mind when I think of my hometown.  Read my High School Post here.

Keep Calm- It's the weather
Here in Balto. we like to think we have 4 seasons but that isn't always the case.  Sometimes it goes from summer to winter and then back to summer.  I know we aren't the only ones that deal with this.  I find the transition periods between seasons difficult solely because I don't always know what to wear.  
This winter we have been having some crazy weather.  Summer temperatures and now single digits!  Stay warm out there tomorrow.

Every city has something about it that makes it different, makes it stand out against the others.  Just remember to Keep Calm, it is your home.


  1. Your comment about tradition is so true. There is so much history and tradition engrained in the city. People take it very seriously.
    I think there were 2 1/2 seasons just today. A little warm rainy spring morning, followed by a fall crispness to the air and now a downright bitter, bone-chilling cold!
    I just found your blog - after seeing you on Instagram. I love seeing the city through different eyes! Especially since you seem to live extremely close to me. Love your blog keep up the hard work - it's really quite lovely.
    ~ Madylin @ Smiles 'N Miles

  2. I love everything about Baltimore!