This Year: Organizing


What I want to get out of this new year: Organizing!  With this New Year there is a new slate.  I am going to start the year off right with getting things done around the house.  I posted about my cleaning schedule the other day.  But my organizing doesn't stop there.
I plan on working on the following:

I would like to go through my closet and get rid of some things I am no longer wearing.  Time to give things away!

Organize my shoeboxes.  For my bags?  I found these great boxes from Ikea, they are a great way to keep your bags from getting dusty.  In the bottom of the closet above is where I have some my shoeboxes and on top are boxes that are full of my bags. It is perfect! 

I hate loose papers around the house.  I need to file away the rest of my papers from last year and get together for this year.  I just opened my new pack of folders from Target.

I like to put all my jewelry in clear bags, that way I can see everything.

Now doing these things makes me feel great once completed.  I love checking things off my list.  Time to get to work!

How do you organize your home? 

1 comment:

  1. Great idea about your jewelery! I hate when jewelry gets discolored.

    I use scrapbook paper to organize files within binders and folders!