Instagram It


Why do we love it?  Why do we check Instagram and like people's pictures?  We like to see what new things people have and what they are wearing.  We like to see where they are going and have a look into their lives.
Personally I think Instagram is great and easy.  Follow someone and like their pictures.  How easy?  And to be honest Instagram has brought a good amount of traffic to the blog.

Why we like Instagram here at BMorePreppy  
Well, first we can share our love for things fast.  We can just snap a picture and post it in no time to share with all of you.  Two, we can see what you all like and we can always write a post about anything you find interesting from our pictures (Just ask).  We are able to share things such as events or just our everyday with you in just a couple simple steps.  You can get a look into our life and the things that make us happy.  It is so easy to share a photo.  Here are some of the favorites from Instagram.

This is a little taste into BMorePreppy's Insagram account.  Hope you enjoy!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?
Do you enjoy sharing and liking pictures as much as we do?

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  1. I like Instagram. I'd love this post more if I were in any of the pictures. Sad :(