St. Patrick's Day Surprise: Part 2


Yesterday was the big day!  I am sorry I am posting this late.  I love St. Patrick's Day and I was out celebrating last night.

This day has a special meaning to me especially after St. Patrick's Day 2010.
So my story continues, it seems like the luck of the Irish is with me on this day every year.

So after March 17th, 2010 when I met a great guy, lets fast-forward to 2 years after that wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

This brings us to 2012, a beautiful Saturday, March 17th and the boyfriend and I planned to spend the day together.  We wanted to have a relaxing day celebrating "Our" day.  We planned on dinner at my parents and meeting friends out later that night while wearing our green!

Again, little did I know my life was about to change forever.

It was any normal Saturday.  We weren't sure what to do during the day to make the time pass before dinner so we ran some errands and grabbed lunch.  I remember thinking the day went by so fast because the next thing we knew it was time to head over to my parents house for dinner.

Now the boyfriend said he was going to get something and we were going to leave my place.  He was gone for a little bit and I was wondering what was taking him so long.  I thought we were going to be late.

All of a sudden he comes back into the room and pulls out a box.  He opens it to show the most beautiful ring I have ever seen (I am a little bias) and proposes!

"Will you Marry Me?"


What are you doing?!?
Are you for real?!?!?
I asked and he said, "Yes! I am for real.  Will you Marry Me?"

I couldn't believe it!  I replied "Of Course I Will!"

It was so exciting and typical him, simple, cute, and something that was just between the two of us.
I wouldn't have changed it for the world. 

And the bonus was I got to head right over to my parents house to celebrate.

St. Patrick's Day has been a special day to me and now I can share it with someone who means so much to me, the hubs!

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