Spring Jackets


Spring weather is finally here!  I am loving these sunny days we have been having, but there have been plenty of rainy ones as well, like today.  When it comes to Spring weather here in Baltimore, you never know what to wear.  You could need a light weight jacket, rain coat, or none of the above.  Sometimes I wonder what is going on here.
Here are some of my go to jackets for this season.

This light weight jacket has been my favorite lately.  I have loved wearing it.

Totally in love.  The great weight of this jacket makes it perfect for the Spring season.  And this green!  I just love it from the jacket to accessories.  

For those wonderful rainy days that have been popping up I head right to my rain jackets.  

This Vineyard Vines is an old favorite of mine.  I love the pop of color for the spring time.

But to be honest, my go to rain jacket is my old North Face.

This is my classic rain jacket option.  You can never go wrong with black.
I believe that during this time of year you need a couple options for rain or shine.

Here are some jackets I found online:

Happy April Showers, hope it brings plenty of May flowers!

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  1. It is going to be 47 here after the rain. That is Charleston's version of winter. Crazy. I never know what to wear any day of the week these days.