Friday Finds: KoolPlatez

So excited about this Friday Finds!  I am a huge fan of this Etsy shop.  They make some of the neatest items.

This weeks Friday Finds is:

Courtesy of KoolPlatez


Brooke and Todd from Ohio are the etsy shop owners and they make these great items from recycled licenses plates. 

Courtesy of KoolPlatez
 Keychains, signs, necklaces, and my favorite cuffs.

Courtesy of KoolPlatez
These cuffs are so fun!  I personally own a Maryland, Hawaii, and South Carolina cuff and love them all!

I have even given some as gifts.  Not to long ago I gave a Delaware cuff to a friend of mine who bought a beach house in Bethany Beach.  She thought it was such a great idea.

So if you know anyone moving or just loves a state, check out their shop

These pieces are conversation starters that is for sure!  I feel like every time I have one on someone asks about it. 

Brook and Todd are very nice and great to talk to.  I wanted to know if they had any other options for some states and they got right back to me about the options they have.  They do have a custom order section.

If you are looking for a fun, not seen everywhere gift for someone, check out KoolPlatez.  They have something for everyone.

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  1. Great find! Love this easy shop. Thanks for sharing!