South Carolina, Here I Come


First off I would like to say sorry for missing.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my latest pictures of my trip to South Carolina!

Yes! I actually checked it off my Spring To Do List

It felt so great passing into South Carolina after hours and hours in the car. 

(12 to be exact)
But once you cross the state line its like as if nothing else matters.

You know you are in the South when...

When we finally reached our destination, I was thrilled!  I couldn't wait to step foot in my favorite state (besides Maryland of course).

On our first day we headed right to the pool to catch some rays.

Not a cloud in the sky.  Some would say it was a Carolina blue sky.

A trip to the pool is not complete without a Sonic Route 44 drink by your side!

It was such a relaxing day that ended with some ice cream.

There was the cutest little Ice Cream place in Surfside Beach.  They have the best ice cream.

Unfortunately our other days where a little cloudy and rainy, but that didn't stop the fun.  What did we do?


Even the shopping is fantastic under the big trees.

Or in the mall.

We had such a fun time checking everything out.  It felt like I have been away from this place for forever.  

 When driving through Murrell's Inlet I spotted the Party Down South house.  It can be your vacation rental for 2,000-3,000 a week.  You too can check out the Beaver Bar and party in the home over the summer.

So after all that fun and adventure it was time to pack up and head back up North.

(I only travel with Lilly, Henri, and Scout) 

But with all the bags packed up, I wish I could have a place to call my own down South.

It doesn't cost anything to look, right?

(How cute are these townhouses?)

Just after I got used to being in the South again it was time to turn around and come back North.  I always miss the South when I leave. 

It is fun to see this place on the way down, but it'd hard to see it on the way back up 95.  But the trip was great and even though we didn't have great weather the whole time it was still fantastic.

Have you been to South Carolina?

Did you ever watch Party Down South? What did you think of it?


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! :)


    1. It was so nice to get away for a little. We had a great time!