Good Feelings Come With Good Weather


I consider Spring an event and an important one at that.  It means longer days and sunshine.  It has been pretty nice weather here in Baltimore (after the rain of course).  

Spirits are high during this time of year.  I find it interesting to see people are usually in a better mood when the weather is nice.  People lately seem to have good feelings all around.  What is it about the sun that makes us feel better?

Do you find yourself in a better mood on the sun filled days of spring and summer?
I know I do!

I think winter really took a toll on us and after all the snow; I couldn't wait to break out the bright colors.  The pants, the shoes, and my favorite, accessories have all been waiting to come out.

I can't tell you how exciting it was to pull out the blue pants, fun shoes, and my bright colored bracelets for today's outfit.
Oh sun and warm weather where have you been?

Are you excited to pull out the colors and have a change in wardrobe?
Are you tired of the winter clothes?
Do you feel better on nice days? More refreshed?


  1. Good feelings truly do come with good weather! Great post :)


    1. Thanks Lauren. There really is something special in a sunny day!

  2. I have been in such a better mood now that the weather is getting nicer. Towards the end of winter I was in such a slump... it's so nice to see the sun again!