Mouth Party Caramels

Have you heard of Mouth Party Caramels?

If not, you are missing out.  Mouth Party Caramels makes great tasting caramels!

They are located right here in Baltimore, Maryland and started in 2007.  The flavors are to die for; even the original is sinful.  It is a family recipe that we are lucky that they shared with us.

The flavors range from Original to Chocolate, from Old Bay to Sea Salt, and they have a variety of seasonal flavors.  Right now they have Orange and Lemon Rosemary.

On a marketing side, how cute is the packaging?

Anything with a bow gets my attention.

They will even do favors for your next event.  They provide bag and box options with a great selection of colors.

I used them at my wedding!  The people at Mouth Party were great to work with.  They provided samples and showed all the options available.  They were very helpful in the decision process.

I went with the Original flavor for my favors.  They were a hit!  People were calling to tell us how much they loved them and asking where to find them.

They also make caramel sauce! 

This is great for ice cream!

There is a bonus when it comes to Mouth Party Caramels.  Besides their great caramels, they also donate portions of their profit to cancer research.

Mouth Party Caramels is perfect for a little gift or a hostess gift.  Next time you need something, you can't go wrong with a bag of Mouth Party Caramels!

Unfortunately, Mouth Party Caramels is closed as of right now due to the major rainstorm we had a little while back.  Their facility flooded, but they have been rebuilding.  Once the doors are open again you will have to give them a try.  I know I am missing them!

Hurry back Mouth Party Caramels, my mouth is watering just waiting!

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