Which Watch?


There are people in this world that wear watches and people who don't.  I am someone who always wears a watch.  This watch obsession started when I was young.  I think it was something I was born with.  Some days I wonder which watch I should wear.

Do You Remember?

Back in the day, there were the Freestyle watches.  The colors!
That classic shark watch just screamed summer and now screams childhood for me. 

Do you remember these?
How great are they?

I am pretty sure I had this one
But mine had the clip band.

The other big watch back in the day was the Baby-G.  Oh my gosh!  You all have to remember these.
I still remember mine.  It was green and I wore it all the time!
Now there other great watches out there.

Here are some great watches you can find now.  
If you ask me I think they are must haves!

Kate Spade- Gramercy Grand
Fossil- Jacqueline
Fossil- Wrist Pop
Timex- Weekender
Steve Madden- Studded Silicon

Are you a watch person like me?
Have you found any great ones lately?


  1. I don't wear a watch very often, but they always add a little something just right to any outfit!