Top 5: Bags Every Woman Should Own


Every woman needs to have certain bags in their closet.  The basics are very important and if you ask me, they are a must have.
Some people are bag changers and some people use the same bag everyday until it is worn out.  I wonder how they can do this.  I change my bag to go with my outfit.  Just today I changed my bag which I changed yesterday!

But these Top 5 Bags are ones that the bag changer and not both all need.  

1) Classic Black
Every woman needs a nice black bag.  I don't care what you say, this is a must!  It will go with a simple outfit or an event outfit.  Classic is always a must.

2) Tan or Brown
To cover the basics a great tan bag is important.  It will go with so much you can't go wrong.

I use this tan and white bag all the time.  It goes with so many outfits and colors, it is a great option to own.

Or this great option is fun too.  Add a little color to a traditional bag.

3) Clutch 
Whether it is a night out on the town or an special event a clutch is a perfect choice.  I can't say a certain color is better because I personally believe you could use a few clutches for the different seasons and outfits.

You always need a couple options for an evening out.

4) A Statement Bag
Now this can be a bag that is a great color or one that stands out.  It should be something different.  Maybe a bag with a great pattern.  These are the fun bag out of the group.

This Tory Burch bag has been a favorite of mine.  The color is like nothing else.  It is such a fun bag to pair with a simple outfit.  This bag makes the statement.

The colors of these are great and are also another statement bag.  Love these!

5) The Beach Bag
With Summer coming up, the beach bag something that needs to be on the list.  I love to head to the beach and I pack my bag.  I usually will have a drink, towel, snack, sunglasses, hat book, and a magazine.
This is why I love this Henri Bendel Bag

So there you have it.  If you are missing one of the Top 5 bags, you need to add it.  

Do you love bags as much as I do?
Do you change your bag to go with your outfit?


  1. Love that Tory handbag! Great picks!


  2. Totally agree with all of these. I would add a nice tote bag too, I use a tote to carry to and from the office and it's big enough to hold all my stuff but still stylish.

  3. Replies
    1. They are great bags and the color options are endless.

  4. Replies
    1. Tory Burch is always a good choice.

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