Baltimore Smalltimore

Baltimore, Smalltimore.  Enough said.  Growing up here in MD you really do meet your fair share of people.  These people range from new friends to old family friends.  My whole life is connected through people, places, and things.  It is a small world.
Now I am sure there are other places like this, but Baltimore is a true “Cheers” if you will.  Everyone knows your name, your parents, and things about you that you might not even know.  We have gone to school together our whole lives without even trying to.  I mean from preschool through high school.  We tend to run in the same crowd and know the same people.  Whenever I am out I seem to run into someone I know.  I can be at the mall or just running into Target and see someone I recognize. With that being said, everyone knows everyone and it continues throughout adulthood.
People tend to know your business and share it.  Gossip is everywhere, you have to be careful when talk about or to people because you never know who they know.  Lesson from blog- Watch what you say and whom you hang out with because Baltimore will catch up to you.
I wouldn’t change a thing when it comes down to it.  I love Baltimore and its traditional feelings.  You will have family and friends here in MD.  I feel like sometimes this close relationship of knowing people makes Baltimore a better place.  It has that comfortable feel, I guess like Cheers had which brought people to the bar.  That’s why we keep coming back to Bmore.  It’s comfortable, familiar, and normal.  Baltimore is our home and always will be.


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