Classic Prep: Rings

Well I have to say when it comes to Baltimore classic style; a signet ring or family crest ring is a popular option.  These rings are usually seen around the preppy areas on both men and women.  Men tend to carry the family crest rings, while women have their signet rings on hand.  Anything family/monogrammed is a hit with the Baltimore prep.  Even some schools around here have their school rings that look a lot like these rings.  Garrison, Oldfield's, and St. Paul's are some just to name a few.  

I wear my school ring still especially when I have my silver jewelry on, it is white gold.

I personally have had my wonderful signet rings since I was in eighth grade.  I wear mine every time I have my gold jewelry on.  I couldn't live without it.  I have loved mine so much that when my husband and I were picking out our wedding bands, he decided to go with a family crest ring.  I was so excited because I am not a big fan of men wedding bands and that just really isn't his style.  Plus my dad wears a family crest ring so I was excited to see my husband opt for the idea as well. (It is said that most girls marry someone like their father!)
Classic prep is what really comes to mind when I think of these rings.  You can't go wrong with a little classic touch to your everyday style. 

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