Winter Necklace


With the cold weather here and at full force it is time for me to pull out what I call my winter necklaces.  I am talking about scarves.  Now, I consider scarves my winter necklace because just like a statement necklace, scarves really do add a nice touch to any outfit.  And another plus of scarves is that you can wear them with many different tops, dresses, anything you name it and the whole outfit changes.  

 This is one of my favorite ones.  What is so great?  One, the color is perfect.  It goes with white and navy, what more could you ask for?

Two, it has such a nice weight to it without being too overwhelming or overpowering.  I found this scarf in South Moon Under one day and had to have it.
Another SMU find is this great orange scarf.  Again it has a perfect weight and I just love the size of this scarf.

If you are ever near The Shops at Kenilworth stop in South Moon Under and check out their many great items.

This navy and off white is another favorite.  This one is from J.McLaughlin, which is one of my favorite places.  The scarf selection there is great!  You can't leave there with just one.
Like I said it is hard to leave with just one, here are the ones I found the last time I was visiting J.McLaughlin.

How great are these?  The colors are wonderful and would make a great statement with any outfit. To be honest these scarves from here are my favorite.  These scarves are the definition of perfection.
So with this colder weather here and I think it is here to stay, the scarf collection will grow, especial if I stop by South Moon Under and J.McLaughlin.


  1. What a great blog you have! I love the way you tied those scarves, you should do a tutorial on it!

    1. Thank you so much! I will have to work on that because I usually just throw them on as I am walking out the door.
      Thanks for reading!