Announcement: Sonic is Opening


Sonic is open in town.  Yes, Sonic is OPEN.  This is so exciting! 
Off York Road there has been an abandoned building for years and I mean years.  It was once a Roy Rogers and I haven’t seen one of those around here in forever.  This building was the perfect location for something exciting and luckily someone bought the building tore it down and replaced it with a Sonic.  Perfect corner location off York Road just screams Sonic location.
Now a little background, I lived in South Carolina for a couple years and Sonic was a go to place for me seeing it was right down the street from my place.  My friend and I would go to Happy Hour Half Price Drinks.  Love this Happy Hour!  So this became our usual late night weekday outing.  So when I saw a Sonic was coming close to my Maryland home, I couldn’t wait for it to open.  And that day is here.  

So what to get a Sonic?  Well I usually go for the drinks.  They serve the cold drink over crushed, “chewy”, pellet ice in a wonderful Styrofoam cup.  This is my definition of happiness in a cup.  The ice makes the drink and you can buy a big bag of ice for 1.99.  It's great to make your drinks at home taste better. They have everything from Coke to ice tea, but the catch?  They have all kinds of flavors you can add to your drink.  Vanilla coke anyone?  Fruit slushes are half price too during Happy Hour.  Limeade? Those are too!  Whatever drink combination you can come up with, you can have it at Sonic.

Of course they sell food.  The food is good, fast, and easy.  The way I look at it you can’t go wrong with Sonic.  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner their tots are a great addition. But the drinks are the way to go!
Today they had a special opening so they could practice and they were giving away free food.  I didn’t really take advantage of the food part, but all my cup holders in my car had Route 44 Diet Cokes in them.  My mom was so surprised to see what I had for her, especially because she drove by today and it wasn’t open.  Good thing she has a great, wonderful daughter that found out about the time and the password, yes you needed a password to get into the parking lot, and went to buy drinks.

So if you are around York Road stop by the Sonic tomorrow because I over heard they are opening full time.  (October 2)  Just pull up, press the red button and let the Sonic experience begin.

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  1. I love Sonic! I had no clue they were open all day October 2!