Happy Hour: Natty Boh


National Bohemian is the beer of Baltimore.  Being originally brewed right here in the wonderful land of Maryland, it is very popular with the locals.  Reason being, it's cheap price tag wherever you go.  

You can't find someone that lives in Baltimore and hasn't had a "Natty Boh".  

Who is the man on the can? He is a well know man that you can see from most places downtown, especially Canton. Mr. Boh is his name and he is the one eyed face of Natty Boh.  He became the famous mascot of the beer in 1936 and has been a well know man ever since. He even has his own store in Canton.

 You can find shirts, koozies, pint glasses, and magnets in this Natty Boh store.  If you are in Baltimore stop by and pick something up to remember this man.

There he is keeping an eye out on downtown Baltimore and one of his stores.
Now what is so special about this beer?  To be honest, I don't really know.  I think it is a Baltimore thing.  People will drink it because of its cheap price and to feel connected to "the land of the pleasant living."
So next time you are in MD, let Natty Boh serve you up a nice National Bohemian on draft.

 You have to try it once in your life.

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