Go To: Cardigan


When it comes to a go to outfit item, I have to say during this time it's cardigans. I LOVE cardigans for the fall.  I think they are just the most perfect thing made.  The mornings are getting colder and it is time to say good bye to my favorite dresses and hello to pants and sweaters.  Cardigans are one of the best articles of clothing during this time of year if you ask me, that is next to scarves of course.  They are easy to throw on when cold and really add a nice, preppy touch to an outfit.  
I have some great colors and actually wear them often. Navy, Black, white, green, orange, yellow, tan how can you go wrong?   I love putting on a cute shirt and a cardigan with a scarf or necklace to make a statement.  I just think it is such a smart look.

The colors are great; here are some of my favorite looks.

This classic gray card is one of the favorites for sure.  This color goes with everything from the classic black pants to the fun color pants that are so in these days.  

This off white card is another must have because you can pair it with a lotIt works well with colored tops and pants like shown here.

Navy blue-such a prep color.  Paired with gray pants and a white shirt, it is a go to outfit for sure. (Love this J.Crew top)

For the days towards the end of the summer when it starts to cool off the pink is perfect. Miss those white jeans and hot pink card. Oh summer, hurry back please!
I just love cardigans and truly feel everyone should own at least one!  


  1. I love cardigans! They are so great to put with a dress, skirt, basically any outfit!


    1. They are pretty much the best things. Don't forget shorts!