Decorate While Organizing: Magazine Holder


Cookbooks and recipes are some of my favorite things to look through.  A good friend and I went while Borders bookstore was closing and got some pretty good books on sale and I mean SALE.  They were practically giving things away.  That was a while ago, but after I collected these books and my binder full of recipes, I needed a place to put them.  I just didn't want them all mixed up and all over the kitchen.  Did I mention I like to organize?  
Anyway, I was trying to think of a way to display the books without looking messy.  I was looking around one of my favorite places, Target.  I go in there for one thing, just one things and then I leave with ten.  What is it with Target and that problem?  Well, one day I found these wonderful magazine holders.

 They turned out perfectly for my kitchen and fit nicely in the corner.  Everything is together-nice, neat, and organized.  They add a nice touch of color to the kitchen.  I have to say the next best thing would be a built in bookshelf in my kitchen.

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