Polished Love


Color on you nails can really change your mood or tell people what kind of mood you are in at that time.  Nail polish is also fun to go shopping for.  The color options are endless.  But for someone like me, I tend to buy the same colors or shades. I feel like every time I buy a new color I can't wait to either go and get my nails done or try it myself at home.  I rather head on over to About Faces and get a manicure.  Nothing beats finding that perfect shade of nail polish and believe me there are perfect ones.

To be honest, I think I have a problem when it comes to buying nail polish.  I always forget the colors I have at home and sometimes buy the same color I already have!  Its hard when you are drawn to the same shades over and over again.

 It has gotten so bad that I now have a list of all the colors I own on my phone.  I love lists.

This really helps when I find myself wondering into Ulta in Hunt Valley. 
 With the fall right around the corner, I think I may need some new darker colors.  Nothing to dark and nothing to far away from my obvious favorite of pink of course!  I will let you know what I find the next time I am up there. 

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