You Can Never Have Enough Beads


Some, well most families during this time of year have schedules for football games or even their children's teams, but my family, we have the schedule for the bead show.  Yes, the bead show.  This is the exciting time when usually my mom, dad, and I hop in the car and head off to the bead show.  I know it might not seem like an exciting time, but it is a lot of fun.  I love running errands with my parents.

 The people that are selling come from all over the states and have some different things.  It is so much fun wondering up and down the packed isles looking at all the colorful stones and interesting clasps they have to offer.  

We pretty much go and buy the same items that we normally do.  Our lists consist of pearls, pearls, more pearls, spacer beads, silver beads, and of course clasps.  Some of our creations as we call them have turned out to be some of my favorite jewelry.  I love some of the things my mom creates.  

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.


This year I hope we find some good things, I could use a few new pieces to my jewelry collection!

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