Notepads: To Do Everything List


I love notepads.  Paper products in general are hard for me to pass up.  Every time I see a cute notebook or notepad, I think I need it.  I am a big list maker and use notepads for everything.  What is everything?  Well, I make To-do lists, write about what to pack for vacation, write down blog ideas, put together store lists, really anything I can think of, I use a notepad to write it down.  I even carry a little notebook in my bag because you never know when you have to write something down.
Yes, I know there is a Notes app on my phone, call me old school, but I like to write things down.
Just the other day I bought a cute notepad from J.Crew. It was a need, not a want. (I think)

How cute is that notepad?  I thought it was so cute.  I am now the proud owner.
 Well you know how I said I love paper products.  Well these notepads are just the recent buys/new additions to the collection.

I have just organized most of the notebooks, notepads, and the must have, post its, and look at my very clean kitchen drawer!

You can also see my collection of pens and pencils.  I guess you could say I have a school supply problem.  Well at my age I guess you could call it an office supply problem!