Pick up a Tervis


I personally believe that Tervis Tumblers are the best things next to Styrofoam cups.  They really keep your drink cold on the hot summer days and your hot drinks nice during those cold winter nights.  Just the other night I made some soup and ended up putting in one of my large tumblers.  It was perfect, the extra noodle soup, a cold fall night, and a Maryland Tervis Tumbler.  What more could you ask for?
I have a collection of them in different sizes, but to be honest, I usually prefer the big 24- ounce because I need to have my Diet Pepsi and a good amount of it.  I can't function without my Diet Pepsi.
They make great gifts for anyone because you can personalize them.  They come in a range of different designs from football teams to Disney characters; there are even college designs.  There is something for every age. If you are looking for a hostess gift these cups are perfect.  You can get the cup and a matching lid and fill it up with a favorite candy.

Having the cup is one thing, but having the lid is the most important part.  If you buy a Tervis make sure you get a matching lid.  I always do!

You can find these great cups on the Tervis website, or in stores such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  One Tervis is never enough.


  1. I'll take a Disney Princess one please, pink lid. :) Actually I should just buy a bunch of lids, because I swear they just disappear!

    1. Head over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with one of their coupons and grab some. They have a good selection of lids usually.