Favorite: Kate Spade Edition


Kate Spade has always been a favorite of mine.  I remember when I was in maybe the 6th or 7th grade I wanted the bags and wallets
Well it is safe to say my love for Kate Spade has continued to grow.
What am I loving right now?
Kate Spade Home
I registered for the Kate Spade fine china.  I fell in love with the Larabee Road Platinum Collection.  How can you go wrong with polka dots?  It is such a classic, clean look.  

They are such as cute addition to our kitchen and I can't wait to have people over to use them!
I have to say Kate Spade has such cute packaging.  I really love everything about the home section.

Love the color Pink!

Kate Spade Agenda

This is a new edition, you can read all about how tough it was to pick my planner this year in Dilemma: Planner Picking: Solved.

Kate Spade Jewelry 
  Every time I am in Nordstrom I have to stop and look at the jewelry counters.  I have to check out the Kate Spade.  I love her taste in jewelry.  I personally believe a lot of her pieces are classic, timeless pieces.  I know there are some that are a little different, but I usually purchase everyday wear items.

It is one of my favorite pearl necklaces, I have to say it was a good buy.

 The color is great and I can actually pair it with more than I thought!

I am loving these earring right now.  They are perfect for this fall feeling weather and how can you go wrong with anything tortoiseshell?

Oh Kate Spade you get me every time.

Kate Spade Watches 
Confession time- I have an addition to watches.  Ever since I can remember I have worn watches.  I mean I had all the Freestyle Shark watches in an assortment of colors, Baby G watches, the Roxy watch that had bands you could change out, I had a collection.  
So with that being said, here is a favorite watch.

Thank you Kate Spade for all you wonderful items.  


  1. I love Kate Spade! The Kate Spade China with gold polka dots looks amazing!


    1. I love Kate Spade everything! The china is adorable!

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