Living for the Weekend


I hate to wish away my weeks, but I live for the weekends.  I really don't like wishing away my life, but weekends are when all my friends and I can relax and catch up.  I work hard Monday through Friday, but Friday at 5 is my time and I love it.  Every minute of the weekend is usually packed full of things to do.  These things can range from errands with mom and dad to date nights with the husband.  Family is the most important thing to me and I love to spend time with each and every one of them.
This weekend was family packed, mine and the hubs.  It was my dad's birthday this weekend so I was focused on keeping the party a surprise and running errands for the party itself.  Friday I left work and went to order the cupcakes for the party.  I, of course, picked some up to take home.  Too bad the cupcakes had an accident on the way home! 

Oh well, they were still good.  Thanks to Flavor Cupcakery!  If you haven't been to get a cupcake, you should go.  Plus, you get a free one on your birthday- how great!
They have two locations Bel Air and Cockeysville, so if you are near one, I would stop in and try one of these wonderful cupcakes.

On Saturday, my mom and I ran some errands like we normally do on the weekends.  We always have a great time together.  We were running errands all the way up until the surprise party!  It was a busy day. 
Look how great the cupcakes turned out for my dad's special day!

 Now just to get them to the party and set up before he gets there!

I think they turned out great!  Love the topper.
 So that was with my family, now on to the hubs side.  Sunday was spent at his parents house for the Ravens game.
Oh Ravens,  I am not a huge football fan, but I do love going out and celebrating.  With that being said, I don't have a lot of Ravens Wear.  (I am starting to collect things for purple Fridays)  So I celebrated with accessories.  That's pretty normal for me.  

Added alittle Kate Spade in there too. 
It was a fun, family-filled weekend and I wouldn't have changed anything.
Now it is Monday...back to work.  


  1. YUM I have not tried that cupcake place. I just usually have my sisters make them! LOVE the Kate Spade bracelet!

    1. You should try Flavor. They have really good cupcakes and great flavors! Thanks...you cant go wrong with a bow.