Must Have Monday: Steamer


I used to work retail and we had a steamer for when new items of clothing came out of the box.  Of course they would always come in a wrinkled mess.  Winter would be the worst with all the pants and sweaters.  But anyway, I would steam but wouldn't think twice about it.  
Well let me tell you.  A steamer is a must have for any household!

When we were registering for our wedding, my now husband was like, "Do you really need it? Who is going to buy a steamer for you?  And I responded that I just have to have it.  With no surprise, my mom's good friend got it for me for a bridal shower.  (Did I mention my mom has a heavy duty steamer that the stores usually own for their steaming needs?  No, I don't think I told you that.)  
To be honest, it is a life saver.  I actually look forward to using it and seeing those darn wrinkles come right out!  It's that instant gratitude feeling!
So in the end, to sum everything up, I personally believe that if you don't have one, head over to Macy's, Target, or anywhere for that matter and pick one up. 

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